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Hi Everyone, next time you sit in your car, think what a bargain you've got. Even if it doesn't work, it's a bargain! If you were to buy all the parts that make up your car from some breakers yards, spare parts dealers and garages it would probably cost you the equivalent of a small property somewhere in the south of England including a barbeque area, patio and swimming pool!

This has been my experience over the past couple of days trying to obtain either service or parts for my car. For a small heater control knob I have been quoted online from between £27 up to the astonishing sum of £40. I have their emails to prove it! To have the service light cancelled on my car £10 for what is only a two minute job. Do these people not realise that I will not be back to them and that I will never recommend them to anyone. Does the guy who wanted to charge the £10 for the servicel light cancellation not realise that if he'd been more reasonable, say a fiver, I would have seen him probably once a year. He may even have sold me my next car as I probably would have thought he is a reasonable man, who charges fairly and would look after his customer.

I managed to obtain the heater control dail from my local dealer, the price? £5.70 and the service light? It's my birthday soon and my son is going to buy me a draper service light cancellation tool. Anyone round here want a service light cancelled?.....for free!

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I hear you, man... In fact, I think many others do too. Afterall, that IS one of the reasons why I decided to become a part-time DIY-er myself. So, anything that I believe I can fix myself, I'd do it, without the need to have to send the car to the specialist, and probably waiting for at least half and hour for them to begin looking at my car, and then charging exorbitantly.

If you read some of my earlier postings, especially on the 'Lambda Light', you'd see that the kind of people that I have to deal with, to get my baby on form, again.

But can't complain much, aftermarket stuffs for Volvo is pretty scarce here. Though Volvo is quite abundant on the road. Hmmm...

I guess this is also one of the reasons why Tech and his buddies, decided to create this group - to advise others on the net, and avoid getting shortchanged and all. So far, it worked for me. And I plan not to change anything yet, as long as I have not received feedback from Tech or others first.

It DOES REALLY help to soothe your mind a bit, though may not for your wallet.

Noble intentions... Tech and guys ... Thanks !
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