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I`ve got a XC60 2009 with Folding Side mirrors, after taking the drivers (right hand) side mirror apart to check why it wouldn`t fold in i found that there was power to the tilt,left,right for the mirror, power to the de-mister, and the puddle light and indicator all works, But the mirror just wont fold in, there`s no power to the motor at all, the Left Mirror works fine with the Drivers door controls, Has anyone had this fault or has any idea on how to trace the wiring loom through the car, there seems to be 2 fuses, 1 x in the boot, and 1 x under the glovebox, both are fine and working, Is there another fuse for the right hand mirror motor to make it fold, I`ve checked the wiring loom between the car and door, and also to the DDM, I`ve got continuity through them parts of the wiring loom, but don`t know how to test DDM for any faults, I`ve checked the DTC codes on the cars self diagnostic, and it says there`s a fault in DDM but not what!! So i soured a replacement and still no luck!!
Someone Please Help Me, I`m at my wits end.
Many thanks in advance for any assistance you can forward me with this problem.
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