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I am so disappointed in the purchase of this car.

I previously leased a Lexus RX300 and I would take it back with 4 flats.

Volvo dealer: Very unprofessional, never called back and treated as if I was 17 years old driving in on my bicycle to purchase a $48,000 car.

I had to go to another dealer and received similar treatment. Both physically seen my 2002 Lexus RX300 and was told the lease was up.

After getting the vehicle the engine light was on within 3 days. Went to the dealer and it was something related to the gas tank sensor and "they fixed it". Two days later the same problem. They "fixed" it again. It came on again!! I ignored it and it was off within a week.

Two months after receiving the car I received a very nasty call from Volvo Finance about being late with my payment. When they recognized that THEY were sending the bills to the wrong address they were just as rude and wanted immediate payment without me even seeing a bill. (It was their data input error and they acknowledged it was theirs' while still being rude.)

Other issues:

The windshield wipers freeze up because the defroster vents are above the wiper blades.

Car radio antenna is lousy. Cannot find stations in the same City. It starts to "scan" for other stations.

You can to easily activate the cruise control just by having your hands on the steering wheel.

Seat belt makes noise, each time you move.

Drivers door panel squeaks when you rest your arm upon it while driving.

What good are the door straps located near the windshield? It does not help in getting in or out of the vehicle. (It would, however, snap your arm at the elbow should someone grab for it in an accident.)

No change holder.

No holder for glasses.

Cup holders for rear passengers are not secure. Ask the guy that cleaned my rugs.

If you drop the thirds seating row there is nothing blocking items in your trunk from shifting and falling on the floor between the 2nd & 3rd row seating.

The GPS system is great for NYC. Well I lived in NYC for 30 years and know how to get around. However, it does not recognize streets, elsewhere, that have been legally mapped for 30 years.

The Lexus handled extremely well on turns at high speeds. The Volvo handles slightly better.

David Carroll

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Sorry to hear about your problems but it is a new SUV for them and it's only ok that's why they are adding the V8.

You would have been better off with the cross country for driver comfort and space.

What you have is wannabee SUV and the Lexus was no different except the RX was on a car platform with no carrying room. I looked at the Lexus but to me it is an excellent hybrid awd car not a SUV.

You were sold a bill of goods, if you need a SUV buy a real SUV and not an imitation.

The Volvo is now a Ford and some dealers think that they are elitists, but the only reason that l'll buy a Volvo product is that l do not want to spend the money for a Porsche or Mercedes. And believe me the Volvo is not in their league.

Look at it as a safe car period.

Good luck with it and l would take it back to the dealer on a Saturday at about 1pm and go crazy in the showroom and you will get somebody's attention.

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That's the thing about buying the first batch of a new model. Inevitably, the first purchasers become the guinea-pigs.

You see, at the factory, the engineers believe that so-and-so will happen when under so-and-so driving condition, and driving abuse.

But when the cars were released to the REAL world, instead of so-and-so expected to happen, so-and-so-and-so happened. And sometimes, times by two!

So, unfortunately, the first buyers have to handle the lack...

Very unfortunate, but this is the modus operandi of many car manufacturers. Just one thing - give them hell, if the car gives you hell. Before they take complaints into consideration for the next batch, and so on. So the longer, the car has been released to the road, chances are that the better the car is 'conditioned'...

That's also why I only buy the 'second' or 'third' versions of any model. Theheehee... Also because I don't have much $$$ to go spending on new models.

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