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Hi there... new to this but I am told ( by Volvo ), that this is a common problem to which 'they ' have no solution ( not useful ). But having very recently bought a 2017 XC 60, much to my annoyance the small, cheap and nasty panels ( in the boot area ) that allow access to the rear light cluster ( on both sides ), repeatedly come loose and fall off. Mildly at best but when you have a dog in the back who chews these ( out of entertainment ), it quickly becomes a very annoying and pricey problem.

Having taken it twice to a Volvo dealership to have these things put in place, properly, their latest solution is to hold them in place with , apparently , very expensive , Volvo masking tape. Which is just masking tape to my untrained eye.

Does/has anyone else have this problem and if so, have you found a solution as it is irritating me no end.
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