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Hey All.
I'm an enthusiast of older modern-classic cars, and am looking to purchase a Volvo 240 series Sedan.

Here's some of the non negotiable features Looking for:

-Vehicle in or near California
-Air Conditioning
-Preferably in excellent condition with lot's of records, and owned by an enthusiast who can recommend some good Volvo mechanics, and places to purchase parts to keep the car running forever.

Here's what I'm flexible on:

-I'm flexible on my budget depending on the mileage, amount of vehicle history available, and condition of any parts that are harder to find.
-I'd prefer to end up in one that is red or black, but will settle for anything that comes up and is in excellent condition.

I'm in no rush to purchase, and am going to hold out for the right car!

I currently own two late model Volkswagen Vanagons. I'm abandoning one since it's become too difficult/time consuming/expensive to have two of these as project cars and daily drivers.
I'd like to end up in something more reliable that still also has character.

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Hey, good thing you are not in a rush...

I will also suggest that you do a thorough vehicle history check before purchasing any used vehicles. This will ensure that you have detailed history of the vehicle's past and you can avoid any issues coming up in the future
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