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Hello All, excited to join the Volvo Forum community! I've had amazing luck on the Mercedes side and hoping the same here.

Just returned my 2018 T5 Inscription lease and basically got the same one but newer. I had a 2022 on order and when it came I was horrified with the new changes and had to back out. I ended up finding the perfect 2021 with exactly what I wanted (Silver, charcoal interior, 4-Corner, B&W Sound) . Unfortunately there is one issue, which I also had on the '18.

I do not like the color of the wood trim the charcoal interior has. I much prefer the Linear brown trim to the light birch looking wood. This is one thing that really bothered me all 3 year of ownership. I found the trim is actually not very expensive and I am going to order them. (Part #'s: 31417640, 31417642, 31469750, 31420743)

I know for Mercedes, there is a workshop manual for everything. I am hoping Volvo is the same. Does anyone know if there is a workshop manual for how to remove and install wood the trim on the dash and on the center console?
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