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Greetings!!! I'm looking to purchase a Volvo 940. I have three to choose from. They are each $2000. I'm trying to decide which one is the best bet. I'm seeing a bit of a jump in values between 1992 models and 1993 as listed on the Edmunds site. Is there anything that explains this?1991-1992 are close in value, 1993-1994 are also close. Did Volvo change something?
The three cars I'm looking at are:
1991 940SE 204000 miles, very clean. New brakes and blower motor. Everything works
1992 940 Turbo 185000 miles, also very clean. Mechanic owned havn't seen in person yet.
1994 940 Turbo 185000 miles, little rougher, drivers seat very worn, trunk lid needs alignment (lifted up a little at front drivers corner) pertty sure everything works o.k. but missing trunk CD that the other two have. Timing belt @154000 miles drives very good, but not as tight of a feel as the 1991 SE.

Does the model year of the 1994 make it more desireable despite rougher cosmetics? or is the pricing difference I see on Edmunds just a fluke?


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The 92 and the 94 are very similiar.They should both be identicle.
I would go for the 92.
1995 was the last year for the 940.I think thats why when you look at the newer ones compaired to the older one the price changes so much.
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