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Hi All i'm new, if i'm not doing somethig right please tell me!

I need info on a part that i think is causing me problems.

It looks like a vibration/torque isolator, it is mounted between the subframe and the "engine frame". there are two of them, one on each side.

what is the correct name for these suckers?

I have a manual tranny, when i shift i hear/feel a clunck under my feet.
both sides do this, depending on the cars' attitude and surface conditions.

What the heck is it?
am i correct in thinking it is these elasstomer mount things?

can i fix it me self?




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I think you are talking about the engine mounts.
There is 2 hydrolic 1 in the front of the car to the engine 1 in the rear of the engine .There is also one on the left side of the car.And there is also one on top of the engine.

You can replace them yourself as long as you have the pataince to work on it and it will take you a little while.
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