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I have had Volvo V40 for 2 years and I have chosen this make because my previous Volvo 240 DL appeared to be exceptionally reliable durable and cost effective. But I have had lots of problems with my new V40 since very begin, even during purchasing. It has had already THREE serious repairs by warranty to transmission and brakes. First repair was made within 3 months after purchase. Ball bearing in the front right axle fell apart because it was not originally filled with grease. A few months later I heard laud noise in the transmission after which the car stuck in the road. The problem was that the same axle was pulled (!) out of the bearing which was replaced during first repair. Just recently I gave the car to another Volvo dealer for repair of both rear breaks by warranty. This car breaks down every 12,000 miles an average. It simply falls apart in the road. And now I pay more attention to multitude of “minor discrepancies”. The windshield is low quality. It creates distortions because thickness of the glass is not even. And it has greenish-blue color. Tire jack is absolutely ugly. Because the ball bearings replaced with a plastic washer in the jack to make it cheaper in production it takes much efforts to jack up the car. Armrest crashed in when I leaned on it with my elbow. When speed exceeds 45 m/h while one or two rear windows open internal volume of the car works as a resonator creating terrible infra-sound a few Hz frequency, like permanent thunder which both unpleasant and harmful. And new design of the oil filter is very bad. It takes much more time to change oil and makes the work much harder even though the filter is more expensive. The list could be continued, but these are only biggest minor discrepancies. In general, this car is full with defects and bad design solutions. I purchased my previous Volvo 240 DL when it had 240,000 miles (!) on odometer. I put 100,000 more on it for 8 years. Sometimes I faced problems to my car, but I put up with them because it happened not every year and I bought it for $1500 plus tax. However when I invested $30,000 in my current vehicle I expected something better. In reality it is even worse. Therefore I feel a hostage of this car and a victim of a fraud committed by Volvo. Volvo is not anymore the same as it used to be 20 years ago. It is cheaply made expensively sold car using the name made in the past. And I don't like at all people working for Volvo. They are ignorant and have demonstrated no sign of good will and co-operation. I am terrified when I think about the time after warranty. This brand new piece of junk would make me a bankrupt. I have made a big mistake when I purchased a Volvo and I think about applying Lemon Law. By the way, I found Volvo S40, which I drove as a replacement while my V40 was repaired even worse because it was younger. In other words Volvo is getting worse and worse every day. Never Volvo again!
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