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QUOTE(jdbs3 @ Mar 31 2005, 03:54 AM)I have a 1990 240 DL sedan that I purchased second hand. I noticed that when it rains, there is water in the Volvo mat over the carpet on the front passenger side. Yesterday, after a heavy rain, I removed the mat only to find the carpet under it was soaked to the point that there was a 1/4" of water on parts of the carpet.

My guess is that this water may have been accumulating from previous rains and/or snows, and I just did not realize it with the mat on top.

I have yet to investigate the source of the water (hopefully this weekend), but what might be the likely source of the water? And if there is a likely source, how best to fix it.

I need to get this fixed asap before I go rusting out the floorboard.


sounds like either from the windshield or AC blocked condensate - I had both these problems and AC drain very hard to get to from in car or under car

but not to worry about floor boards as if hole is big enough you just put feet down and peddle to give a power boost
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