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If this is coming from the cowl (under the grille between the hood and base of the windshield) then they usually drain out the sides behind the rear 1/3 of the front fender. To clean them properly you must remove the front fenders and reach through the openings with a wire hook or home-made something, and pull the debris out. Then you can flush the whole thing out from the top through the grille with a hose.

This will not fix the heater seal, but may make it drain so it does not reach the level of the seal.

If you can stand one more drenching of the interior you might try blasting through the grille with a high pressure car wash or steam cleaner and directing the spray to the sides. If the debris is a long-term build up of small stuff this has a good chance of flushing it out through the openings behind the fenders. I would certainly try this with concentrated effort before pulling the fenders or the heater.......
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