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BAD NEWS.........
If the leak is caused by a bad seal in the air intake, there is only one fix: you must remove the heater ("combined unit" in the manual) to access the seal. This is not a job for the causual repairman, as most of the dashboard components must be moved out of the way. On a good day, an experienced Volvo mechanic will take 7-10 hours to perform this job (most will charge $800 or more). In cidentally, while the heater is out, you might want to go ahead and replace the blower motor, as these are chronic failures.

In the meantime, try to determine the lowest spot in both the front and rear floor area, and drill a small hole (1/4") through the floor pan to help get the water out. You can go back after the leak is repaired and plug these holes with silicone sealer if you want.
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