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Weirdesssst problem

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So I've got this weirdesssssssssst problem on earth with my S60. sometimes de alarm goes on itself, n oh my God it wud jus make those irriatin noises fer atleassssssst 10 to 15 minutes, u can't jus do nething abt it to make it stop..when it goes off it makes my car battery dead…what de heck is diz???
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Once i also faced the same problem and it is due to some short circuit. IF your safety alarm is under warranty u can go to the dealer and get it swaped.
Hi Buntee

it is not the short circuiting but the sensor involved detecting the safety alerts gets over sensitive and don't response to the remote switch. That is why they gave the user this type of problem. Trillstar u can get it repaired from an auto electrician.
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HI buntee & Carsoft
Many thanks for ur time and reply....... I tried one experiment with my car. I hit the back doors of the car the alarm starts shouting. But it was responding with the remote switch. But when I hit the front left door it didn't respond to the remote switch. From it I concluded the sensor involved in the front door is not working properly. I think I should ask the electrician to replace it.
you can shut off you alarm by putting the key in the door. We are so dependent on the keyless entry we forget that the door has a key slot and the key is used for the door also.
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