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My name is Walter and I live in the Netherlands, right in the middle of Rotterdam, The Hague and Amsterdam.

During daytime, I work at a Volvo dealer which services a large part of our beautifull country. For the company, I am the PR representive. I'm responsible for all the advertisments and the events.

Aside, I am a active member of both the Member of Volvo 850 Club Netherlands and Volvo 300 Club Netherlands. I've visited VROM in Göteborg Sweden for the third time this year and therefor I think I can be called a Volvo addict...

The name "VolvoMafia" came at a time when a friend of mine (owner of three Volvo 480's) and I found out that some people were just bidding to rise prices of our wanted items at Ebay.

I drive a Volvo 850 Saloon 2.0 liter. Just a simple but great car. It has driving now around 216.000 km so it will go on for at least another 200.000 km's! The picture is taken in Göteborg, the Mekka of Volvo!


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Hi there.
She sits in the water nicely doesn't she? Is she on Volvo Penta engines?
I am impressed with the four masts also.

I had a look at your URL for the Dutch Volvo Club. I have a problem with that.
It is not in English. Now I decided to make you an offer you cannot resist.
Translate the whole of the Dutch Volvo Club web-site and we'll let you stay.
If not-you will have to shout us all tea, coffee and cake at the Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong next Friday. What'll it be?

By the way-nice looking car in the photo. I especially liked the lights on including the driving/fog lights. I think that presentation really sets a Volvo off very nicely.

Excellent photography

Cheers New Zealand
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