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Hey guys.

I was just wondering, the 2005/2006 V70 has switched from its old turbo to the new KKK unit found on the R units. I don't know for sure, (but I will find out tommorow from the dealer) but is the 2005 Volvo V50 TC the same as the KKK unit?

Another question (if anyone actually knows this) is whether the 2004 V70 and the 2005 V70 have different mapping of the computer. If there are any volvo junkies, please check it out. Another way to find this out is to see if the part numbers of the ECU are the same.

BTW: The 6sp gearbox found on the T5 AWD models is exactly the same as the V70R and the S60R, however, I find that the Rs have a more precise throw in the lever. Has anyone swapped the Linkages yet?

WTB: V70R/S60R motor with ECU, V70R complete brake swap.

Thanks in advance.

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Great info - I'd like to know also. My shifter (and clutch pedal) are a little rubbery and - well it's nice but not for qwik shiftin.

OuWWWwwwww Owww Ohhhhww
The kuyohtay.....
(My turbo howls like that when I push it!)
I gotta get that chip.....

Any other info you have on mods would be good too.

Thanx again, Ed.
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