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I have a 2001 S60 T5 that came with a old design keyless remote. I recently Bought a "new" Volvo Remote with the integrated Key on ebay, but obviously serial numbers to programme the remote was lost. However, I was able to swap the remote's circuit board from one of my old design remotes and fit it into the casing of the new integrated remote. (both the new and old remotes circuit boards are identicle).

Only problem now is the key blade(need to replace) and the immobiliser transponder that forms the top of the integrated remote. This can be separated from the remote. I am reluctant to pay the dealers here over US$125 just for the new blank key with the transponder. I understand that the Volvo Part # of just the intergrated blank key with the transponder is 8626580. Does anyone know where I can get a more reasonable deal on the key blade, can seem to find it any where? Or does any one know how to open the plastic section of the integrated key so that I can just get a normal S66NN key cut to size? Also, can the transponder be programme without the 4 digit code serial number or duplicated with one of the existing key?
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