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While l was at my dealer's parts dept l asked for 3 different parts that l wanted to order and they gave me the description and part #. After getting the price's l decided to call a large Volvo salvage yard in upstate New York.

I sent them the part#'s plus the color code and a description on where the parts were located.

They sent me a copy of a list of parts in return with a blow up picture ( very small) that was hard to read from a 2001 V70/xc which is really the same but the numbers were different.

What give's.

I know that there is a different number for the right and the left and in my case if there is a third row seat or not.

Where can l get the right numbers or am l asking for the wrong #'s

I just noticed on Ebay a person selling a parts list for a 2001 V70 which could help me out if the numbers for both years are the same.
All that l'm interested in are trim pieces for the cargo area.


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