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Today, many functions of a vehicle are controlled by the ECU control unit.

Mainly the engine and different hardware functions are controlled by the ECU.

It is an Advanced Technology Tools application that includes VCADS and Boot Diagnostics application in PTT.


VCCAD: Diagnostic Application

Guided Diagnostics: Guided Repair Application

The main purpose of the PTT is to facilitate the technician during the diagnosis and repair process.

The mission of the PTT is to provide access to the vehicle, program parameters, access service information and perform diagnostics.

PTT development mode; provides greater rights for vehicle access, diagnostics and parameter programming.

With our Volvo Vcads diagnostic equipment you can diagnose and program the ECUs of VERSION2 (2002 and above) model trucks. You can program the standard speed for Volvo 1998 and below.

You need to buy developer tools to program all possible parameters.


Developer Tools:

· Programming of more than 11,000 parameters.

· Change the common values of Min and Max for parameters.

· Ability to change speed limit, chassis number and cancel immobilizer.

· Supports all tools supported by Tech Tool (VCADs Pro).

Advanced Technology Tool (PTT) - A diagnostic application specifically designed for engine testing, calibration and parameter programming.
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