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Here's a story for you all about the Japan's Volvo dealers.....
I took the C in to ask them to re-fit the inner door panel (plastic clips had broken I had to get some anyway), they said it would take a while so I hoped over the road to an auto store to kill some time, when I came back they had the car windows taped up and were trying to break into it as they had locked the keys inside 'doh!', they got it open, but at the same time managed to bust the door knob mechanism somehow. Now it will go down when the car is locked but doesn't come up anymore. They said the door lock mechanism was striped, and to replace it I/they would need to
A) cut a huge chunk of the inner door metal away to access the lock mechanism without removing the window frame
Remove the window frame and replace the lock, but, always have the problem of wind noise as they are never able to adjust it correctly.

Up until I asked them to re-hang the door panel the lock was working, after the break in it wasn't! Of course they accept no responsibility, thus didn't bill me to leave a paper trail!!

They gave me a few free plastic clips, hung the inner door panel back on incorrectly and didn't charge me for the 'repair'. But now my door lock is stuffed, and either of the above options doesn't really appeal to me.

So, here I am at the boards asking for real help, any ideas??

To be precise, the keyless remote no longer locks the driver's side door, it can only be locked now with the key, the door knob, neither moves up or down now which I suspect is from the inner panel being still a little off skew. I have understood that they are difficult to refit, but this is ridiculous.

The upside is the mechanic gave me a second hand replacement door lock mechanism (bribery me thinks so I don't sue them) which they had from a V70 (minus the micro SW) for free. I had a good look at the mechanism on that, and can't see any type of gear in there at all, just a bunch of interconnecting sliding plastic rods.

Any suggestions would be appreciated here please... How can I get the replacement in or fix the old one without destroying the door, or paying Volvo a fortune in window re-alignment.


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Try removing the door panel again and see if the lock works normally.

It is really not all that hard to reinstall the door panel again.

The trick to installing the door panel is to remove the little rubber strip from inside the molding that goes on the top of the door frame.Then install the little rubber strip on the door frame.Then slide the door panel on and put slight pressure on the bottom of the door panel to get it to slide behind the metal bracket at the bottom of the door.Then install clips and screws.

Replacing the door lock is a PAIN IN THE A**.It could take up to 3 hours or more to get the window adjusted properly.
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