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So I have a 1987 Volvo 740 GL and I'm having some issues trying to start it.

Going through the usual issues:

The coil the distributor and the plugs are ok because it's getting spark and will turn over for a second or two when spraying aerosol into the intake.

It has fuel pressure and the pump works and the relay seems to work as well. If you take the relay out and cross the pump and power pins you can test the fuel pump so I know that's working.

The issue is with the injectors. Now it was running so I thought they might be clogged so I pulled the whole harness out and physically tested them and they seem fine.

So they just aren't getting pulse. So I tried crossing the fuel relay and the radio control relay at the same time to force the pulse to fire.... No go.

So maybe the hall sensor which would make sense because it had shit wiring and was giving me issues when it was running. But I tested the ground and got about 12V between the battery, the signal got about 4.8V between ground and the other one got 12V between ground.

I know this isn't very technical but I'm not a mechanic I'm sorry.

Anyway I read that maybe the ECU that controls the ignition (because there's 2 ECUs apparently) sometimes can have the pins bend out of contact so I had a look at that and it seemed fine.

I'm considering pulling the whole distributor off but that's a lot of work for a sensor that might be ok.

So if anyone has any experience with this sort of thing and has some tests I can do to see if it's the ECU, the relays, the hall sensor, or something else I'd appreciate any help I can get.
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