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I have a 2005 D5 154kw engine XC70, done 400,000kms. In great condition, doesn't smoke gearbox fine, but one annoying problem I have yet to resolve. When accelerating to overtake or climb hills, power is quite ordinary until 2500 rpm at which point it takes of like a startled rabbit. Then around 3200, power drops away again. This occurs through all and any gear. Under moderate to hard acceleration, I get an 'engine service required' message, and scanned codes are ECM 6800 & ECM 6700..
I've had the turbo checked, no sign of wear or damage, no bearing slop. Waste gate vacuum works fine. Have replaced the turbo boost control valve, stripped & cleaned the EGR, replaced the EGR solenoid. Front engine mount had leak, so blocked that off while waiting for the replacement to arrive. Checked the cambelt is correct on teeth., have checked all hoses, no obvious leaks. No MAF faults, gave it a spray clean anyway.
Driving me nuts, anyone had this problem or got any other ideas?
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