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I ran a 1998 V70 Tdi for 220000 mles and never had a single problem. I serviced it regularly put a new cam belt on at required intervals. Tyre wear was amazing giving 20000 miles front and 40000 miles rear. Economy was 40mpg + always and car was solid as a rock with no squeeks or rattles.

Bought a 2003 D5 and what a disappointment.

In the main dealer all the time for window winder mechanisms, steering rack, track rod ends, dash rattles( LOADS OF RATTLES) wheel bearings - at least under warranty but you pay in the end cos of the high servicing costs! Tyre wear horrendous with 3 sets on the front in 51000 miles and at £180 a tyre thats pricey!

Lost a fortune on it when sold after 18 months.

Hope this helps
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