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Anyone seen this or something similar?

I've got a 99 V70 and the instrumentation (or parts of it) randomly
work/dont work. When it doesn't work, the speedo goes to 0, the
odometer goes blank and some of the **** lights come on. Usually
brake, abs and sometimes the "winter mode" light will come on and flash
rapidly. Then after a few minutes... All back to normal.


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I have had this problem before on my 855T5.

Try this:-

1) Clean the ABS sensors located within the brake rotors. (Get help if you're not into DIYs). Clean it nicely and carefully so as to not break the casing. While you're there, try cleaning the whole brake system you see.

If that still doesn't work, then
2) You may need to check the ABS Modulator. Or even replace it.

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Remove the lower dash panel.Then look on the left side by where the metal bar goes to the budy.There is a big plug that has I believe 5 other plugs going into it.
There is a slider on the right side of it.Pull the slider and it will release the plug.
Clean both sides and reinstall it.

See if it helps.

I have seen this a couple of times before.
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