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Any one got any suggestions as to why my brakes on my 1978 V70 2.5t are always squeaking. I have had dust blown out and the discs/pads are fairly new but every time I am in traffic or in town they drive me nuts. Also rear brakes bind slightly and you can hear a dragging sound again in traffic or around town.



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Have you checked your rotors? Uneven surface on the rotors are known to also cause squeaks.

The ABS only works above a certain speed limit. Below that, the normal brakes would apply and if you brake hard, even I have experience a slight 'lock'. But it happened once, and we were trying to avoid a dog trying to commit suicide(?).

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Are the pads and rotors Volvo parts?
The rear noise might be the brake pad spring rubbing on the rotor.Sometimes the spring doesn't seat all the way on the pins.Or some rust builds up on the outside edge of the rotor and rubs on the spring.

If the Front pads and rotors are aftermarket they might be very hard and that is why they are squeeling.

If they are Volvo parts the pads might need a good bit of grease of the backside of the pads and on the edge of the pads where they slide.
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