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Hi its my first post so thanks for reading and hopefully you can help.

Long story great car but goes into reduced engine performance after about 5 to 8 miles I am looking for advice and a replacement engine loom as top Ecm connector locks in place but cover and red locking tab missing.

I've had this car for 1 year done about 350 miles it's been to 5 garages 😭 hopefully forum can help I am based in Hornsea in Yorkshire
Done 81000 miles No service history
Loads of parts replaced by me and previous owner.
Prev owner had replaced cloned ECM and CEM from ECU doctor in Southampton and had boost control electric module and engine breather to type 5 said it was thottle pedal position sensor according to forums

All garages have been very helpful and done their best but they all say when they are done can't find what's causing the issue.

1st Local Garage put bottom front ns control arm then 12 months independent MOT ( Reset codes before handing over) passed only advisory steering rack inner link play. Said emissions bang on.
He then did chase the part game replaced fuel pressure sensor,intercooler sensor,coil packs,plugs,fuel injectors, inlet gaskets.
He took it to local Bosch garage did electrical tests and dry compression test was 9% down on cylinder 1 suggested engine stripdown I passed on that!

3rd Ford motorsport specialist spent a few hours checking engine wiring resitance etc said a lot of connexions showing age some green, said no engine compression issues by the way the car drives it pulled strong thought it was fixed. Picked it up drove home 15 miles smelt electrical burning then cabin air sensor tripped, still pulled strong got in regular traffic in 40mph light throttle load went back into limp mode,he had it back more tests but said everything he checked looked like someone had already been there he couldn't do anymore.

Took it to Voltech in Hull great guys really helpful, sent back ECM to ECU doctor got a replacement back, reckon it could be original one as car would start but wouldn't rev said thottle position sensor but when he checked pedal sensor said usual looked like someone been there before so we sent ECM back and got old one back, he did more tests fuel pressure etc but said can't fix they spent a lot of time but only charged me diagnostic fee as problem unresolved really genuine garage can recommend them.

So he said last chance try Volvo.

Last chance was Volvo Riverside in Hull they said can't diagnose the issue as ECM top connector some connector issues and wiring harness in poor condition so they can't diagnose issue.

Picked it up,reset codes with 327 OBD2 reader and Torque Lite drove 8 miles then reduced engine performance, reset codes whilst driving then drove last 20 miles like I stole it with no issues.

Any advice gratefully received.

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