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Hello to all Volvo lover,

I have some question about my 98 v70 GLT Turbo. I keep hearing from a friend that car with turbo is not gonna last long especially on my volvo. Is this truth if it does how do i maintain it to last longer. So far i have no problem with it and with 72,000 miles.

Thank you


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I have heard that the Turbo units will not last as long as the engine. But I have also been informed (by owners of other makers of Turbo cars) that abuse of the Turbo use will hasten its demise.

So how should we 'normally' use the Turbos?
1) Not prolonged use (Holding the pedal down for too long, as in drag-racing is certainly not very healthy for the unit. It'll enhanced the rate for wear and tear.)
2) Use it to supplement engine performance to up for desired speed.
3) Press-and-release of the pedal to trigger the Turbo too frequently is also not healthy.
4) Every once in a while, have it sent for cleaning. This way, they can also check on the condition of the unit.

I don't know. Tech, how do you handle your Turbo unit?

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I don't have a turbo!!!! Not yet anyway. Some time the stang will be twin turbo!!
Another thing that is good for the turbo to help make it last longer is to let the car idle for 1 minute before turning if off.That allows it to wind down and cool off a little before stopping all together.
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