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Hello all,
I'm an aspiring do it your selfer and was wondering if I could get some guidance. What tools are required? What spark plugs? What wires? Etc. My car is a 1990 740 gl in much need of a tune up. I've read various horror stories about overtorqued spark plugs and such and I don't want to use the wrong stuff. Do I really need a torque wrench?


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I would find an auto parts store that carries Bosh parts.That is what the dealer uses.The plugs I would go with bosh as well.
You really don't need a torque wrench.The plugs have a crush washer on them.You should be able to feel it crush when you tighten them then go just a hair more andyou will be fine.You should also use some anti-seize on the threads of the plugs when you put the new ones in.

You will need a 3/8 Drive ratchet and extension, a 13/16 spark plug socket.
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