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Well, transmission issues are becoming more popular. Although my V70 does have geartronic, have similar problems. After a transm. oil chnage the problems decreased, but still you feel the engage disengage of the gear at unexpected moments, in particular at low rpm´s and low speeds. I´ve just changed the neutral software patch ( yesterday ) and the transmission seems to improve, but the problem is still on the background.

I would suggest as a matter of economy to try the software patch ( u$s 100 ), a flush of the transm. oil ( u$300 ), then after some months a second flush, then check the valve body ( u$?) and at last desicion, if the problem is annoying you enough change the transmission ( u$s 2000 up ) or trade the car for a new one at another dealer.

There are many complaints with the Aisin-Warner units. Just look around in the different forums.

Good Luck
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