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not sure where to put this topic but I will put here as my volvo is 264

as you see my other vehicle is a Polaris quad bike I lovingly restored to health a few months back - now I tend to despise 4WDs [SUVs in USA] so I did not even think of using the 4WD switch on the bike

it is called "demand 4WD" and book says if back wheels slip the front wheels automatically take over - well the bike has been sliding/unstable a bit lately espec if going from hard to soft sand on the beach

well last week I pushed the 4WD button and bingo perfect traction, which makes me wonder why not constant 4WD - and asks question re cars [albeit not so crit on a sealed road] and some cars like Subaru come in constant 4WD

just thought I would pass this on FWIW - I now simply leave in 4WD
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