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The 2002 S40

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I've got this 2002 model of S40 and oh my!!!..Its so sporty, it's so stylish, it so speedy, it's everything up to date. It has got so comfy seats and handles well. Acceleration speed is like if I am taking off on a Concord.. yaaaey!
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S40's a gr8 vehicle to haf. Purely a luxuriouZz axcessory to add to your collection of vehicles. I bought it fully loaded with every single option that's available, and now since last 2 yrs m enjoyin de incredible feel ov it. Wish dey had painted de door knobs, cuz dey rusted afta jus 6 mnths
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S40 gives no major probz at all, and it gives u simply da bezzzzt ouuta yer money. It ruLleEz ovah all other ca manufacturer's. I enjoy it's handling and comfort everywhere no matter how ruff n tuff the drive might be. S40 has never betrayed me.
oHhHHh! How much I hate the fact that I can't replace my tires with any other size.
it's just the 15 inch optionNn. Maybe that's the only point that lacks in s40. other then that…..itssss simplyyyyyyy irrrrResistaBle… any one of you whose lookin for a sincere car must choose volvo's S40, has got everything in it like a luvly duvly air conditioner, automatic transmission, nice acceleration rate that won't give u throttles. Just check it out fer urselves and u;d be thankful to me huh!
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