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850 GLE 20Valve
hiya 850 nuts
my right hand side tie rod grease gland burst open today after the tyre splunked into a texas sized pothole while going at 160kmh. steering became quite heavy afterwards. i've smeared grease at the ball joint but didn't solve the problem. visual inspection shows no bending / deformity of the rods. does anybody have same problem????

also, i am thinking to remove the catalytic converter and replace it with just a piece of pipe. my lambda sensors are gone already anyway so i'll just bypass that / remove it all. will this affect combustion or fuel consumption??? any hp gain???

what is the standard boost pressure those GLTs??? i am thinking of installing those cheap japanese turbos with blowoff valve system (not variable vanes of volvos). by using low pressures (0.5 barG) it is safe to use the standard GLE pistons and could it light off with the standard GLE's bosch motoronic pumps and sparkers???

waiting replies from all volvo nuts out there

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For the steering problem I would have the alignment checked.Something could be bent that you can't see or the alignment can just be knocked out.

If you remove the cat. converter you should leave the o2 sensors.If not that will cause a lot of problems with it running.

I think the turbo pressure is like 7-10 psi I think im not 100% sure.

I think the boost control Is control by a valve.But you can adjust the boost a little higher by adjusting the waste gate.You can also T the vaccum line and install a regulator after adjusting the waste gate.
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