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I recently bought a S80 2000 model lovely car, has been going well, I was interested to know if anyone could give me a detailed expalnation of how to remove the headlights for cleaning the insides, I plan to do it myself , the local volvo mechanic said the front bumber of the car needs to be taken off, how difficult is this ? where is it held on?
I recently did the same thing on my BMW 320 but that was quite simple,they now look like new again
Any help would be appreciated

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Yes the front bumper cover has to come off.
There is rivets in the front wheel well that have to be drilled out.
Then the black molding in the middle of the bumper has to come off to gain access to the screws.Once that is removed then under the hood there is push lock plastic pins that hold the top to the radiator support.TIP: those clips usually break when you remove them.
Then you should see the screws holding the lights in.

Also if you have headlight wipers you will have to remove the wiper arms before removing the bumper cover.

If you have anymore quiestions let me know.
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