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2006 Volvo S60 D5 SE Auto
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Hi all,

Been the owner of this car about 3-4 months.

The battery ran flat, and I had to jump start it. I tried to crank it while it was dead, so the battery effectively 'disconnected'.
Since then, I now have an airbag light, and the dashboard says SRS-AIRBAG Service Urgent.
Two seconds later that message is replaced by a Passenger Airbag failure message!

As you can see from the scan, there is not a single fault to do with the SRS system. Sometimes VIDA comes up saying that the airbag light is on! So it know the light is on, but yet there are no codes for any airbag.

So, because the battery went low, these codes are new:
  • CEM-9C03 - indeed the bulb is dead
  • CEM-9C01 - yes the glovebox light is also dead.
CEM 1A59, ECM-18B0, TCM-0032, ECM06661,ECM6663 are all pre-existing, and the car drives fine with them by the way.

Ive tried clearing the codes, and the SRS codes in VIDA. Literally nothing made a difference. I also tried disconnecting the battery, touching the two cables together to reset it, and plugging them back in. Same problem!

Any suggestions?
I heard that because I replaced the stereo, VIDA is unable to clear any SRS codes etc - is this true?
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