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So what is it a 1998 s70 or a 2000 v70???

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Okay so I recently became a new owner of a Volvo wagon. It says on the back of it v70 and when I put the Vin# into AutoZone and a few other sites it came back as a 2000 v70 so I just got a Volvo app and when I added my car and entered the Vin# it came back as a 1998 s70. I even contacted the Volvo customer support chatting deal and sent a photo of my Vin# and they said it's a 1998 s70. So I'm extremely confused and was getting ready to do a overall fluid drainage cus it's been sitting for about 4 years no real issues when it was parked it was just given to a friend by her mom when she passed and she had a hard time doing anything with it. It's been in a covered parking spot the whole time but my guess is I shouldn't start it with the 4 year old gas, oil, and other fluids that are in it so I been getting ready to do a drain of the key fluids and then now this confusion on what the car really is. Is there a difference in the fluids with the 98 s70 and the 00 v70? And what about the oil filter and plugs and wires and other things I may need to do on it before I give her a go. I'm extremely confused about what it is and if it's going to be a issue to buy parts for let's say the 00 v70 not the 98 s70 cus I can't really afford to waste money or cause a issue when there's none to begin with. Please help me cus I really wanna get it running but now I'm so mixed up as to what I am buying for. Please let me know if you have any advice or ideas on what I can do.
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the only real differenceis the body shape, apart from body panels everything else should be the same, obviously lights on the rear will be different, the V designation id for the estate back, th s designation is for the saloon back (with a boot (trunk)
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