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I recently purchased an XC90 D5 and quickly noticed that the vehicle ocationally (happens about once a week) emits a huge "smoke cloud" when you stop at a robot or stop street (especially after relatively hard driving). I discussed the issue with the local Volvo dealers who explained that the quality of diesel in Sout Africa was to blame. I deemd this a pretty lame excuse since I have not noticed any "rivals" (X5's, ML's etc.) do the same. Volvo in Sweden later notified me that it had something to do with the cata.......(don't know how to spell the damn word but you know what I mean) convertor and that it should disappear within the next 2000km of travelling. Have any other D5 owners experienced this problem? Needless to say it is extremely embarassing when you stop at a robot and you (and the cars around you) are enveloped in a smoke cloud!
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