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I smelled a slight mildew smell when using our a/c (this is a "new" used XC90 for us), and assumed the blower was not coming on about 45min after the car was turned off. I tested this by placing some tissue over the cabin blower vents, and checked them after 1hr, and they were still there.
So I took the car the the dealer, and the tech said this function was disabled, and that he would enable it again. He also mentioned the engine has a moisture sensor on the condenser, and this is what tells the computer if the blower should operate or not.

When I drove home (35c heat), with the a/c on high (about a 15min trip), and did the "tissue" test again, the fan still did not activate.

So before going back to the dealer, is there another way to test the blower fan, like spraying a mist of water somewhere in the engine compartment (don't know if the condenser is easily accessible or not) to get the sensor to active after 45-50 min?
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