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Hi all
Im in the UK Got a 740 GLE 2.3 Estate <-bought it cheap [they are ! ] My dad used to have Volvo`s <-so started from a early age ! it was a 144 GL I have had a few 240`s <-hit a tree at 30mph once [ fell asleep at wheel <-woke up qwick ! ] and walked away from the accident ! Anyway bought this 89 740 its got the leather and the heated seats <-that work ! its done 120000 miles [just run in ! ] but it rolls,and there is a few clunks from front end <-i suspect control arm bushes ? U get a clunk on full lock going backwards [ its auto box ] Also the rear end is sagging [no not my ex wife !
] So i`m going to renew the coils and shocks Apart from that its ok <-for its age Engine wise its solid One other thing [ive read a few things on this ] is tyre size <-ive got on there 185 65 15 <-which do look a bit small
i read that 195 65 15`s are better and are for the estates

Would it [apart from looks ] make a lot of differance to the handling of the vehicle ! or not ? Right thats about it I look forward to reading a few topic`s in here Be here again soon

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