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Hi Everyone,
Just wondering if anyone can help.
I have my Automatic Volvo 1996 940 2.3 Tdi.
I'm searching for a new heater control valve, with the pipes. The original part number was 3537062...which has been superseded by part number 9447892.It seems Volvo no longer make it.
The plastic pipe from the valve sheared off, and when we removed the valve and the Matrix ,both had been leaking.
My mechanic friend stripped it down, we are going to instal a new matrix, but the new valve doesn't seem to be available any where.
We at the moment have just diverted the hoses to just run through the engine and bi pass the heater.
Our plan is to modify the hoses and leave out the heater control valve, install the new matrix, until we can source a replacement valve part.
So I will have a warm car but no temperature adjustment.
I can get second hand ones from scrap yards but they have said they 90% are sure they will leak, so probably not worth the risk with all the labour involved.
The left hand drive ones are freely available and look almost the same but are the wrong way round.
I would appreciate it if any one knows where I can access one.
I know somewhere one will be just sitting on a shelf ,I have scoured the internet.
Ok thank you.
I should imagine the old 740's had the same valve .
Take care
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