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The S80 D5 is going to be launched in Thailand mid March and its only other rival in the same "luxury" market is the E220 CDi. On paper, the Merc beats the D5 in fuel consumption (all: combine, highay and city) and range. The Merc seem to be superior in just about everything on paper too. However, the merc is imported and is taxed heavily making it about 1.3 million Baht (25,000 Euro) more expensive than the locally assembled Volvo.
Apart from the price differences, are there any "positive" points which the Volvo may be superior to the Merc?

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This is a major topic which is virtually impossible to answer objectively.

But, for what my remarks could be worth to you-here is a school of thought.

It is taken for granted that both vehicles are very fine automobiles. Mercedes has an unquestionable heritage. Volvo has an unquestionable heritage.

However, while Mercedes always had to stay ahead of BMW-which it has done from time to time-Volvo always stayed away from competitors and positioned itself for the family through safety.

When Lexus (from Toyota) was introduced to the market-Mercedes had to change it's glass in the windows because the Lexus was far quieter than Mercedes.

I am not aware that Volvo did anything because the competitors product was superior for one reason or another.

As you see, I touched a few points only (and very briefly at that)-but I still have not come up with a definitive answer one way or the other.

Hence, here is a prosaic view only-would the Mercedes be still worth more than the Volvo in ten years time because it was $25,000.00 more to buy than a Volvo? You have to answer that question yourself. Sorry about that!!

Ultimately, here is a pragmatic view only-if Volvo is assembled locally, at least you should have access to parts without too much difficulty. That aspect has to be worth something by way of Peace of Mind.

Just a few thoughts only

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