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S80 crooked driver window

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I'm having a hair pulling problem with the driver side window, I've changed the clamps, I've put in another window, and I've even replaced the mechanism that lifts the window. And the problem persists, as I start lowering the window, the mirror side goes down first and the window gets crooked. At some points the window lifter comes out of the window clamps altogether. The rails the window rides in seem fine, and I'm just out of ideas at this point.
Has anyone had this problem before?
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By clamps, are you speaking of the rectangular plastic sliders with a hole in them and a large "hairpin" to keep the 3/8" pins in their holes? If they are good, is the channel they slide in clean and possibly lubed with light (lithium?) grease? Also the channels that the edges of the glass side in may need lube. I like silicone spray lube for that purpose. BTDT many times.
Got it fixed, took it to a mechanic. It was a pretty stupid reason as well, the mechanism as ever so slightly tilted, even tho I used the same pinholes to reattach it. But he moved it around a bit and got it running straight again.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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