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Hi Forum Members,
I'm new to this forum and I'd like some help with an annoying problem in my 2000 S70 (Base model, automatic transmission with STC) which I bought used with 23K miles.
When the engine is cold, there is a loud engine-speed rattle (sounds metal to metal) when the transmission is in gear (D, 4or3) while the car is at a standstill. If I put the transmission in park or neutral the noise stops and it rattles in reverse. The noise stops when the car moves. The noise gets less as the engine heats up. It also stops when I open the hood (bonnet).
I readjusted the tension on the hood but that didn't help.
I suspect this may have to do with the automatic gear shift cable or linkage. Could it be a loose or worn engine or transmission mount?
If it is due to a linkage problem how do I access the gear linkage mechanism?
Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 34K miles of rattling in stop-go traffic is enough!
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