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S70 brake work question

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I'm looking to replace the rotors and pads on my '00 S70 GLT-SE and I'm skeptical about the pricing my Volvo specialist is giving me. He tells me that Volvo's are sensitive to non-OEM parts. This is fine because I don't like to use cheap-aftermarket parts on my cars. I went online to VLV-world and priced new rotors and pads for front and rear. They sell Brembo or Norbbitt (sp?) rotors and Roulunds pads. All parts for front and rear will cost me a little under $300 USD. The Volvo specialist is quoting me $400 for front rotors, pads (OEM) and labor alone. Is this average or is he trying to give me the shaft? Question #2 is, will the parts from online work just as well on my car or will I have noise/vibration and duration problems? I don't mind spending the money to have peace of mind but if I can get the same performace with the non-OEM parts and save myself a few hundred bucks, I'm game for that too!

Thanks in advance for your help,
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Hear in Fla the price for front or rear pads and rotors is $369.95.
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