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S60 vs S40

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I am about to get a 2005 Volvo within the next month, I like better the looks of the S40 but obviously the S60 is one step above.
Can any one tell me which car is better knowing that the S40 has improvements on design and features.
What are the pros and cons of one and other?
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Please please do not take this the wrong way. I have a 2004 S60 about 8 months old and 8,000 miles on it, but please read my recap from another post. Please go out and try MB C240 BMW 3 series Lexus ES330 and if the Volvo wins go buy it. Feel free to e mail me off line too.

This car has the worst turning radius of any car I have driven. You need to plan half an hour in advance to park it.

No power trunk release from the inside of the car.

No engine compartment light.

If you are going to make a key the size of a cell phone put the ignition on the dash or centre console. My knee hits the key.

Absolutly no rear seat leg room. No way an adult can sit in the back.

The door locks are stupid. If I use the fob to open my door and then stop along the way to let someone else in, you must first lock all the doors, then unlock them again!!!! Retarded

The heated seats are terrible. I've have had it in to two different dealers for a total of 4 times. The driver seat just barely gets warm, the passenger seat not at all.

Now my main beef. No car made has worse steering. After 2 hours you are exhausted from the constant steering and corrections. It's like driving a bike with straight forks or riding on a thin layer of ice. After a couple of alignments the mechanic took me aside and told me I'd have to live with it, they are all that way (AWD).

The paint/dye on the leather drivers seat is worn through to the natuaral color of the leather. (This car is less than a year old and only has 12,000 km. A second car for us).

The front & rear defroster buttons are on the passenger side of the console.

Poorly designed HVAC controls. The sales rep even said they are poorly designed.

On the good side: Great seats for comfort, and a quick acting AWD system and very good gas milage.

Now I noticed they have fixed these issues on the new S40. The power door locks work like all the other cars in the world now with a rocker type open close switch. And the key now goes in the dash.

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No contest - has to be new s40 (even though haven't driven one). It can't be worse than S60 - rough ride, turning circle of boeing 747, rattly interior, turbo lag, dead steering which is downright dangerous in twisty driving. All/most of these issues must have been addressed to some extent on the new S40.
Although I really like my s60 -- I agree with a lot of brianf's criticisms. The lack of an interior trunk release is a huge failing for me since I have to have my trunk inspected every time I go into my building garage. Stop the car, take remote, put hand out the window, restart the car. It's rather annoying. And I recently noticed the atrocious turning radius after driving my dad's 1989 740 -- in lot of ways, that's a better car. Still, I'm pleased. Particularly now that I'm driving a lot and am getting c. 30 mpg in a comfortable car.
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