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Hi . Im new to VOLVo and am enjoying the drive. II bought this s40 third hand, with alloys and other attachments. The ride IS ruff due to the tyre on the alloy.However I dofeel the handling isnt the May West!!
When I bought the car it came with out an owners manual.

is there a site online where this can be downloaded or seen?
I have a few queeries about the machinations .!
Also, there is a clear paint substance(a protector of some sort) that is peeling all over the body in speckles. ??Any ideas?
Thank you for reading and more for answering.
Rock On !

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I have checked the link and it is cool. It is very hard to see the pictures and it is not for the european version of 2000 S40 & V40.

Is there some other 2000 S40 & V40 Owners Manual by Volvo..

Thank you in advance!

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