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Hello everyone!,

I own a S40 T5 for about 2 months now and am very happy with the car. It is quite powerful and has loads of torque with makes driving fun and pleasurable!. Would love to keep this car for a long, long time.
However, I do have some question about maintainance. I live in the United Arab Emirates where the weather condition is hot and dusty(sandy).
Q1) How often should I change the engine oil and filter? The local Volvo dealer says every 20,000km.(is this true!), or should I just change it every 5000km, (like my previous car). Does the turbo engine consume any engine oil at all?(like some japanese turbos).
Q2) How often should I change the airfilter since it gets a bit dusty here?. Thinking of changing to K&N filter but not sure if it will work well in dusty conditions. Any other brands?
Q3) How about turbo timers? Isn't it require to allow the turbo to spool down? Will installing one help prolong the life of the turbo?
Q4) Any suggestions on performance upgrades!
Thanks in advance for all your kind advice and suggestions.

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Change the oil every 5,000 miles im not sure of the KM.

A K&N filter will work fine.

Turbo timers are great to have and will give more life to the turbo's
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