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My new to me 2009 XC90 2.4d packed in after 4 weeks - aux belt snapped and fouled timing belt which skipped and ruined engine.

I sourced a 70k mile identical replacement engine and my mechanic has successfully fitted it.

However he is unable to get the engine to start off the key. He can start using start spray and once hot the engine starts fine but won't start off key when cold. He has checked absolutely everything he can but cannot fathom what is going on sadly.

When the engine runs it is perfect - however the car throws up a number of error codes.

Could it be that the ECU has been damaged in the changeover or just doesn't like the new engine? He has replaced all of the electronics from the original engine to the new one.

I'm not a mechanic and having sunk 8k into the car now I'm desperate to get it running!

Any advice appreciated.


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