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Hi Tech. I posted a request a few wks ago about my s40's starting probs. Ive just spoken to the dealer re: 'speed sensor sheild' and they say this relates to 1.8's and not 1.6's. Further theyve looked through there tech manual and cannot see a sheild update for a 1.6.

They have suggested:

clean of exhaust re-circulation value (ive already had this done, i think!! Is this the value that aids the Variable Valve Timing??

update of engine management software. They say there is an update for cold starting and running? cost between £20-£50 GBP.

Any idea of a part no. for the 1.6 sheild update (if available???)

What do you think of these options available to me in the UK?

Any feedback, as usual is greatly appreciated!!!


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Hey mate,

I've got a V70 2.4 and had the cold staring problem. basically it took about 20 times to mstart in the winter, so took it back to Volvo in Newcastle and paid £25 for computer upgrade and hey worked.

No more cold starting problems!

Give it a try mate before you start messin about with shields and stuff. I know volvo talk a load of crap sometimes but the cold staring upgrade works. Also, it starts straight off the mark now even better than it normally did even when its warm.

Hope this helps

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