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I ordered the hose from Canadian Tire ($15) instead of the $40 option from the dealer and Import auto parts. The CT hose fit prefectly although this wasn't 100% confirmed until I had the old one off.
The procedure was relatively straightforward:
-release upper clamp, pull off hose and direct the stream of anitfreeze down into a clean plastic garbage can cover shoved under the car.
-release the lower clamp (with some difficulty) using a short rachet.
-slice the hose from above with a sharp utility knife and twist a slot screwdriver in the cut to free the hose from the rad connection. I read somewhere to watch out when you try to free the hose at the rad nozzle in case it's weak with corrosion - you could damage the rad connection - good advice. Cutting it off worked.
-Then immersed the new hose's ends in boiling hot water to soften it, slid on clamps and fitted it to the rad and water pump.
-Tighten clamps, refill the rad through the expansion tank with the antifreeze drained earlier, crank it up and check for leaks.
Now check the upper hose and ask yourself why you didn't change it at the same time???
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