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Questions on the Volvo design

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I am sure you would agree that vovlo has always made it's cars with such "original" designs from the calssic box like design (the 850 S70 models, beauty!) to what we see on the roads today.

1- Even though I very much like the look of the front headlight whipers, doesn't it constitute an aerodyamic problem and aren't they more vulnrable specially during high speeds? Wouldn't the jet spray mechnisms (found on many cars today) more effective?

2- Since it's sweedish made, I am sure it withstands harsh cold winter weather. Howabout being in the blazing heat (such cars exported to desert countries). I am sure Vovlo has strengent standerds to meet, but it when it comes down to consumer use, is it well eqiuped? The dealer here insists that they are. I have had no problems yet.

Like to hear your views.

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I've always followed Volvo's designs with interest but never owned until now. (Well 2 more weeks to wait..!)

As for the headlight wipers, indeed an interesting but practical feature. I doubt they affect the drag co-efficient significantly, not at least at road speeds, Volvo will no doubt have put them through their paces in the wind tunnels and thousands of miles of road tests. Having said that the new V50 doesn't have wipers just the jet cleaning system. As you say, probably more effective and certainly less clutter to the smooth lines of the front bumper and grill, I don't suppose the designer pencilled in wiper blades over the lights when he (or she) knocked the original sketches!!

Hmm, Volvos in the blazing heat of desert countries. Firstly I'm not so sure a Volvo would be first choice for your average family living in such a climate. They're designed primarily to target Europe and USA. But I'm sure that any Volvo would stand up as well as any other manufacturer with the right servicing, tyres, petrol and oil grades etc. Your likely to have aircon so no probs! and I think all new Volvos, at least in the UK, have a 12 year warranty against rust perforation. You won't be needing heated seats but the Dolby Pro Logic sound system kicks arse wherever you are! I don't think your dealer is trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

I've gone on a bit and not sure I've helped at all..!

PS it just occured to me that this site isn't just for Limeys and I appreciate there are some pretty hostile and arid patches in the world including the US, unlike here where temps rarely top 22C and its a record summer if we go more than a couple of days without getting soaking wet! Still if you're travelling in the desert be sure to take some extra water, a camel and a bucket & spade!, leave the volvo at home!..
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Hello People!!
I got something to say.
I live in Israel for 13 years and here in summer we got 35-45C very hot and high humidity. Here Volvo is at the top, every Israeili citizen knows that Volvo is a luxury expensive car to buy and to maintaine, so not everyone drives it, like me (got Mazda). Most cars in israel are sold with A/C a must!!! and the paint of the car is preffered bright colors like (white silver ....) not black as the sunlight is so strong that it damages the paint finish. To keep the paint finish in good condition you have to wax it regulary, most people here don't do it. I wax my car every months or two.
In Israel mostly we have 1: S80 2: S60 3:S40 and so on....
Hi there. I just read your reply about waxing the car and sunshine. Here in New Zealand our Ozone layer is very thin. Like you can get sunburnt in 12 minutes between 10.00am and 4.00pm. Therefore, if you want to keep your car looking good you have to use a very good car polish/wax-whatever. I have just started using the very new NXT generation TechWax from Meguiar's. For 532ml or 18fl.oz. it costs NZ$45.00. It is very expensive. It should be very good also. But, I have just started using it so I don't know how good it is yet. You might like to try it and keep me posted as to how good it is in Israel. Cheers
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Volvos seem to have been primarily designed for cold climates. I have had three Volvos since 1992, and everyone of them has had problems with air conditioning. Even when the a/c is working it is quite feeble, not able to cope with the summers of Queensland Australia. I keep track of repair expenses on my cars, and the S70 a/c unit accounts for about 50% of total repair costs over the last seven years. The material with rubber feel on the knobs in S70 dashboard and mirror control have melted and become sticky! A pity since the mechanicals are so well made. They may claim that they test for all climates, but Volvo need to get their act together in this regard if they want to compete with the likes of Benz and BMW. The S60 seems to have better air distribution but I do not know how it will stand up to the hot climates.
While I agree that Volvos are primarily designed for colder countries, many would also agree and noticed that adaptive measures have been carried out, to suit the climates where they are sold.

In our country, the materials for the 850, and I can say this as I have seen many, many, 850s here with 'lifted' edges on the dashboard due to the heat. Especially just above the dashboard, and the edge facing the inside at the center of the dashboard.

While I agree, many more 850s do not have this problem, I couldn't see the problem on 240s (which are abundant here!), 740s or 940s... Maybe the materials used are different.

As for the air-conditioning,
well, it wouldn't make sense to supply air-heaters for us, would it? Further, heated-seats... Like "Are you kidding?"

But based on my experience, the air-cond gas cylinder needs to be topped or filled sooner than my previous ride which was primarily designed for warmer weathers.

Because of this, it would be a very WISE idea to not export your vehicle (which is of colder-climate friendly) to another country with a different climate, without making the neccessary adaptive changes. Get one in that country itself, unless you don't mind all the hassles.

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