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Puff of Black smoke at startup

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1996 Volvo 850
When I first start my Volvo 850 a puff of black smoke will be emitted from exhaust. After the car starts it vanishes. I recently had my annual emissions check and have noe issues. it passed with flying colors. I have no CEL light, all maintenace completed including new battery, plugs, C&R, MAF and fuel filter. I have cleaned the TB and IAC as well. Car runs great with the exception of intermittant start problems where the engine takes 6-7 cranks to turn over, other times it starts no problem. But I am curious bout the black smoke at start up for a couple of seconds. Any ideas?
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Black smoke= Carbon or extra unburned gas.Is the car turbo or non turbo.If the car is turbo try letting the car sit at idle for about 1 min before you turn it off then let is sit and see if it happens again.Have you cleaned the injectors?If not you can get the type you poor into the tank and run for it to clean the injectors.
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